Get Straighter Teeth with York & Bay Dental’s Orthodontics

From overbites to underbites, York & Bay Dental Office treats a variety of conditions with orthodontics—and we do so for patients of all ages.

It’s true that orthodontics isn’t just about braces and straightened teeth. Orthodontics also improve facial balance due to malocclusion (poor bite and jaw alignment), a trait that is either inherited or acquired by the following incidents:

• Traumas (including delayed weaning from bottles and pacifiers; prolonged thumb- or finger-sucking)
• Mouth breathing (may be caused by blocked nasal passages or enlarged tonsils and adenoids)
• Premature tooth loss (baby or adult teeth)

Ancaster and Hamilton Orthodontics: Preventing Periodontal Disease
Not only does a poor bite affect your teeth alignment, it also affects facial development and appearance. Although these issues are not directly linked with tooth decay or periodontal disease, they may create brushing and flossing difficulties that increase your risk for future dental diseases.

Symptoms that Indicate a Need for Orthodontics in Ancaster and Hamilton
Not all who have a poor bite need orthodontic treatment. Many adults develop crowded or crooked teeth over time without a need for correction.

How then do you know if you or your child needs orthodontic treatment? Watch for telltale symptoms:

• Problems with the roof of the mouth
• Accidentally biting inner cheeks
• Pain in facial muscles or jaw
• Speech difficulties
• Emerging permanent teeth coming in misaligned
• Overall difficulty in aligning teeth

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