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Dentistry for the Whole Family
I have found Dr. Yim and his staff to be very accommodating and they go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I had a tooth problem and Dr. Yim quickly identified it was a bite issue, adjusted it and my whole mouth feels better....Special thanks to Diana for taking such amazing care of my kids in the special children's appointments which the kids love and are encouraged to take care of their teeth.

The ‘Doc’ for Orthodontics in Hamilton
Dr. Yim really is a great guy and knows his stuff. He is willing to try different things and looks for the cause of problems rather than just treating the symptoms. Have no hesitation on choosing him if you are in the Hamilton area, he's great.

Straighten Your Smile with Orthodontics from Your Hamilton Dentist

Girl with clear braces in Hamilton
Most people want to have a straight smile they can feel proud of. Others hope to prevent the facial sagging that can occur after they unexpectedly lose a tooth, and some are tired of the pain they feel from a misaligned jaw.

Whatever problem you struggle with or positive outcome you hope for, orthodontic treatment in Hamilton might help. The dentists at York & Bay offer several potential treatments, including clear braces, to Hamilton patients of all ages. Schedule an appointment to find out if orthodontics can work for you.

How Can Orthodontics Help?
Depending on your dental problems, your dentist might prescribe a variety of orthodontic treatments. These treatments can straighten crooked teeth, improve your facial balance and development, and enhance your teeth's appearance. In some cases, orthodontic treatments can correct teeth to promote dental health and hygiene.

Orthodontics can also help with:

  • Bite problems (overbites, underbites, subconsciously biting your cheeks, etc.)
  • Misaligned adult teeth
  • Pain in the facial muscles or jaw
  • Problems with the roof of the mouth
  • Speech problems

Many people worry that orthodontic treatments like braces could interfere with their appearance and confidence. Fortunately, treatments like clear braces can minimize these problems. Clear braces may not be suitable for every patient, but your dentist will help you find the right solution.

Who Can Receive Orthodontic Treatment?
Anyone from young children to adults can benefit from orthodontics. If you worry your children could have misaligned teeth or are developing jaw problems, schedule an orthodontic consultation. Your dentist might be able to catch and treat problems early on.

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