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Providing cosmetic dentistry in Hamilton and surrounding areas, York & Bay Dental Office has had many featured cases involving just about every aspect of dental procedure. Click on the links below to view some of these:



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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

This is one of our favourite cases. Our goal was to improve the colour and shape of her teeth, in the most subtle way possible. That’s what makes this case so unique. We didn’t want to give her the shock-factor-Hollywood-smile. It wouldn’t have fit her personality. SUBTLE BEAUTY is one of the most challenging goals in cosmetic dentistry.

The cosmetic consultation is the basis for success. Before committing to the veneers, we fabricated a “trial smile” to see what a new smile might do for her. Most importantly, this “trial smile” allows us to communicate our individual interpretation of what is esthetically pleasing. Once confident that we had the same goals, the rest was simple.

She bleached her teeth with a custom home bleaching system to ensure that the core of the tooth was as bright as possible. Veneers are only paper thin; it’s important to ensure that any discolouration does not show through. As you can see, we achieved a significant colour change, as well as a life-like appearance to the veneers. In addition, the shape of the teeth is more uniform in shape and softer in profile.

We can do Hollywood smiles at York & Bay Dental. However, in this case, her friends will probably think…“Wow, she looks great … I wonder what’s different about her?” THAT’S subtle beauty.

Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain Bridges

This case illustrates the advantages of porcelain bridges and crowns. Porcelain restorations allow us to achieve a significant colour change with a ‘non-removable’ solution to replacing missing teeth. We completed this phase of treatment with a porcelain veneer, four porcelain crowns and two porcelain fixed bridges (upper and lower). After a cosmetic consultation and trial smile, it was clear that he wanted the brightest smile possible. It was also agreed that we needed to create more tooth visibility when he smiles.

You can see that he is missing a front tooth on the upper jaw, and is wearing a removable denture on the lower jaw (see his three lower front teeth). With fixed bridges, he can live a life free from removable dentures. It’s truly a liberating experience when you can finally bite into an apple with confidence.

You may also notice the uneven gum levels with the finished porcelain bridges. Ideally, we could have performed a bone grafting and gum recontouring surgery to even out the gum levels. We chose to leave the gum levels alone since his lip hides this uneven gum line during his biggest smile.

For more information on fixed bridges, visit our Replace Missing Teeth page.


Bonding can do the following:

  • Close spaces between your teeth
  • Lengthen small or misshapen teeth
  • Whiten stained or darkened teeth

A single tooth can be shaped and coloured or your entire smile can be transformed! When teeth are chipped or beginning to show noticeable signs of wear, bonding can protect them from damage and restore their original look.

How Bonding Works
The bonding process begins by roughening your teeth and applying a conditioning gel. Next a tooth-coloured material called resin is placed on your teeth, which is then sculpted to the desired shape. Then a harmless high-intensity light is used to harden the resin, which bonds it to your teeth. Bonding restorations are very durable and they can give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile in just one appointment.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment

This case will always be special to us, as it serves as a reminder of how early treatment can easily improve a young girl’s quality of life. This 9-year-old girl came to our office for a dental cleaning. As we examined her further, we discovered that her jaw joints were very painful. In fact, her “bad bite” was actually causing her TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) problems. She didn’t recognize her jaw joints were a problem because she didn’t know how it should feel! After 9 months of early treatment with a removable Twin Block appliance, her mother reported that she had a better appetite, better posture, and overall straighter teeth.

In the ‘before’ photos, you can see that she had a receded chin, a deep overbite (i.e. lower front teeth are barely visible), and protruding lateral incisors. The Twin Block acted as a “jaw trainer” to teach her how to centre her lower jaw in a healthier position. Almost immediately, her jaw joints became pain-free and she developed an ideal overbite (i.e. upper front teeth covering the lower front teeth by 2mm). Most importantly, her profile became much more harmonious (i.e. her chin became more “in-line” with her upper lip).

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This case reminds us of the power of a smile. As this young lady witnessed the transformation of her smile, we could see something very special happen to everyone around her … they smiled more too! This particular case took approximately two years to complete … NO EXTRACTIONS, NO SURGERY! … two years of braces, a lifetime of satisfaction! CALL US FOR A FREE ORTHODONTIC SCREENING!

For more information on braces, visit our Orthodontics page.

TMJ Treatment

Daytime dental orthotics can be an effective means of treatment in reducing head and neck pains associated with Phase I TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder). We had a patient who suffered from a loud pop in her right and left TMJs. For years, she suffered from neck pain, headaches, and sore jaws by morning. After wearing her dental orthotic, the loud pop disappeared and her neck alignment improved, as she reported that her head felt “straighter” while wearing it. Remarkably, the correction of her neck spine was observed within a mere five minutes of wearing her dental orthotic!

For more information on TMJ treatments, visit our TMJ/Headache Treatments page.


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