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Get Invisalign® Aligners From One of LA’s Most Experienced Orthodontists

Even though both dentists and orthodontists offer Invisalign®, seeking treatment from a specialist has its advantages. Throughout his career, Dr. Jacobson has been at the forefront of orthodontics and uses patent pending proprietary 3D facial, cephalometric, and proportional analysis to create treatment plans that yield natural looking smiles in a shorter period of time.
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This service is something that
we take a lot of pride in.

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What is Invisalign?

A healthy smile starts with regular cleanings. Just like getting the oil changed in your car on a regular basis, it’s important to maintain your oral hygiene with consistent appointments. Our hygiene appointments are comprehensive. We don’t just look at your teeth, we look at your gums, tongue, mouth and overall oral health.

Why choose Invisalign?

We strongly encourage you to play a part in practicing good oral health by following a dental hygiene routine and working with us to ask questions about how to maintain a healthy smile.


If you have a history of poor dental health, you should be coming in for your cleaning every 3-4 months. If your smile is healthy and you take very good care of your mouth (brush 2-3 times/day and floss properly) you should visit every 6 months.


If you’re a new patient looking to book an appointment for the first time, please be sure to let our treatment coordinator and front end staff know when you last visited the dentist. If it’s been more than a year, we’ll need to spend some extra time on your first visit.

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